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Source Class Reference

#include <Source.h>

Inheritance diagram for Source:

Referable AudioSource TcpSocket AlsaDspSource OssDspSource SolarisDspSource

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Detailed Description

A general data source


Definition at line 57 of file Source.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool canRead (unsigned int sec, unsigned int usec)=0 throw ( Exception )
virtual void close (void)=0 throw ( Exception )
unsigned int decreaseReferenceCount (void) throw ( Exception )
unsigned int getReferenceCount (void) const throw ()
unsigned int increaseReferenceCount (void) throw ( Exception )
virtual bool isOpen (void) const =0 throw ()
virtual bool open (void)=0 throw ( Exception )
virtual unsigned int read (void *buf, unsigned int len)=0 throw ( Exception )
virtual ~Source (void) throw ( Exception )

Protected Member Functions

virtual Sourceoperator= (const Source &source) throw ( Exception )
 Source (const Source &source) throw ( Exception )
 Source (void) throw ( Exception )

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