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template<class T>
static void Reporter::reportEvent ( unsigned int  verbosity,
const T  t 
) throw () [inline, static, inherited]

Report an event with a given verbosity.

verbosity the importance of the event, with 0 being the most important.
t the object to report. Must have an ostream & operator<<( ostream&, const T) operator overload.

Definition at line 194 of file Reporter.h.

References Reporter::os, Reporter::printPrefix(), and Reporter::verbosity.

Referenced by FileSink::create(), AudioSource::createDspSource(), DarkIce::encode(), MultiThreadedConnector::open(), CastSink::open(), DarkIce::run(), DarkIce::setOriginalScheduling(), DarkIce::setRealTimeScheduling(), MultiThreadedConnector::sinkThread(), MultiThreadedConnector::transfer(), Connector::transfer(), and BufferedSink::updatePeak().

            if ( Reporter::verbosity >= verbosity ) {
                (*(Reporter::os)) << t <<  std::endl;

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