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MultiThreadedConnector Class Reference

#include <MultiThreadedConnector.h>

Inheritance diagram for MultiThreadedConnector:

Connector Referable Reporter

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Detailed Description

Connects a source to one or more sinks, using a multi-threaded producer - consumer approach.


Definition at line 72 of file MultiThreadedConnector.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void attach (Sink *sink) throw ( Exception )
virtual void close (void) throw ( Exception )
unsigned int decreaseReferenceCount (void) throw ( Exception )
virtual unsigned int getNumSinks (void) const throw ()
unsigned int getReferenceCount (void) const throw ()
unsigned int increaseReferenceCount (void) throw ( Exception )
 MultiThreadedConnector (const MultiThreadedConnector &connector) throw ( Exception )
 MultiThreadedConnector (Source *source, Sink *sink) throw ( Exception )
 MultiThreadedConnector (Source *source) throw ( Exception )
virtual bool open (void) throw ( Exception )
virtual MultiThreadedConnectoroperator= (const MultiThreadedConnector &connector) throw ( Exception )
void sinkThread (int ixSink)
virtual unsigned int transfer (unsigned long bytes, unsigned int bufSize, unsigned int sec, unsigned int usec) throw ( Exception )
virtual ~MultiThreadedConnector (void) throw ( Exception )

Static Public Member Functions

static std::ostream & getReportOutputStream (void) throw ()
static unsigned int getReportVerbosity (void) throw ()
template<class T, class U, class V, class W>
static void reportEvent (unsigned int verbosity, const T t, const U u, const V v, const W w) throw ()
template<class T, class U, class V>
static void reportEvent (unsigned int verbosity, const T t, const U u, const V v) throw ()
template<class T, class U>
static void reportEvent (unsigned int verbosity, const T t, const U u) throw ()
template<class T>
static void reportEvent (unsigned int verbosity, const T t) throw ()
static void setReportOutputStream (std::ostream &os) throw ()
static void setReportVerbosity (unsigned int verbosity) throw ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool detach (Sink *sink) throw ( Exception )
 MultiThreadedConnector (void) throw ( Exception )

Protected Attributes

unsigned int numSinks
Ref< Sink > * sinks
Ref< Sourcesource

Private Member Functions

void init (void) throw ( Exception )
void strip (void) throw ( Exception )

Private Attributes

pthread_cond_t condProduce
unsigned char * dataBuffer
unsigned int dataSize
pthread_mutex_t mutexProduce
bool running
pthread_attr_t threadAttr


class  ThreadData

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